Are you looking for a flute teacher who teaches children and adults? If so, read on and contact Ruth.

Ruth offers expert flute instruction that emphasizes musical growth, flute mastery and appreciation for music, while fostering in her students creativity, expression and confidence. 

Ruth Kasckow, flutist and flute teacher delights in sharing her passion for flute with her students. Ruth feels each lesson is a unique opportunity for growth, mastery and lasting appreciation for flute and music. Having taught for 30+ years, Ruth knows how to teach all ages and levels of students to give them the tools to be successful. Her lessons emphasize proper technique and musical expression in a supportive, positive environment. Her teaching prepares students to play confidently in school bands, orchestras, competitions, MTAC Certificate of Merit program, and recitals.

Ruth knows that the best learning happens in a relaxed, happy environment. She also knows that each student is an individual and has his or her own learning style. Ruth listens and responds to each individual student to provide the best possible teaching that works for the student. She is also trained in Body Mapping for Musicians to observe and correct students’ body usage and movement so students can play with more ease and less tension.

Ruth’s students have the opportunity to participate in the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit (CM) program and compete in SYMF during the summer. Her students perform in their school’s bands and orchestras, community groups, and enter festivals as well as perform in recitals, and outreach and community events. Many of her students continue music studies in colleges and universities.

All of her students are given the tools to excel as flutists and musicians. They learn tone production, proper breathing, fluid technique, and musical expressiveness. They learn by studying and playing selected flute repertoire, tone exercises, scales and technical exercises, and by listening to exceptional performances. She teaches her students how to practice effectively at home so they can progress and succeed as flutists.

Ruth also teaches group lessons, coaches flute and woodwind ensembles, coaches flutists who are preparing for performances, conducts flute choirs, and teaches Body Mapping.

Ruth teaches at her studio in the Pasadena area, and accepts motivated students of all ages and levels. Her studio is conveniently located near La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Angeles. She also teaches at Yung Mee Rhee Music Academy in La Crescenta, CA and is a faculty member at  Pasadena Suzuki Music Program

Contact Ruth if you’re a parent looking for a flute teacher for your son or daughter,  an adult who wants to learn flute or take it up again after a long break, or a flutist looking for some extra instruction with an emphasis on Body Mapping.

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My students after playing in our annual flute recital in May 2015.

My students after playing in our annual flute recital in May 2015.

Two of my flute students who won first, second, and fourth place in their categories for SYMF

Two of my flute students who won first, second, and fourth place in their categories for SYMF


“Under Ruth’s tutelage over the course of the past several years, my daughter has grown significantly as a musician.  Ruth is kind, patient and completely dedicated to her craft.  She provides her students with opportunities to challenge themselves in the Certificate of Merit program and to collaborate with other flautists.  My daughter’s flute lesson is something she looks forward to each week.  Ruth provides my daughter with training, advice and inspiration in a most patient manner, for which I am most grateful. ” Sarah-student’s mom

“As a student, I find that Ruth “gets me”.  She knows how to motivate and inspire me, and respects my learning style.  She challenges me to be the best musician I can be while still respecting my busy schedule.  My lesson with her each week is something I always look forward to. ” Leah-student