Flute Lessons in La Canada-Flintridge and Pasadena

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Presently I teach flute at my flute studio in La Canada and at Yung Mee Rhee Music Academy in La Crescenta. My students generally come from La Crescenta, La Canada and Pasadena. I’m also on the faculty of the Pasadena Suzuki Music Program in Pasadena. I used to teach at Old Town Music Co. and […]

Preventing Injury and Promoting Artistry-Andover Educators

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The Andover Educators Biennial Conference is around the corner. While this article is intended to draw attention to the upcoming conference,  it is also a very user-friendly illustration of Body Mapping. It’s worth a read http://www.orartswatch.org/preventing-injury-and-promoting-artistry-andover-educators-conference-comes-to-portland/

Flutists-Release Restrictive Patterns with Body Mapping

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Flutists- Release Restrictive Patterns with Body Mapping Quite often flutists, and all musicians get stuck in a certain way of thinking that restricts their playing. When starting to play flute your instructor or your book probably taught you how to stand in the proper position, hold your arms up in the proper position, or blow […]

Athletes and the Arts

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Have you thought about the similarities between sports and the performing arts?  The website  Athletes and the Arts is dedicated to providing up to date information, studies, and resources to performing artists based on those similarities in sports medicine. It’s mission “integrating the science of sport and the performing arts for the benefit of both” says […]

PAMA Collaboration Workshop

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On Saturday July 28, 2014, I had the opportunity to present a workshop at the PAMA Symposium in Snowmass, CO.  Martha Paterson, Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist and I gave a workshop entitled Occupational Therapy and Body Mapping: A Collaboration for Music Wellness. Martha and I met last year at the PAMA 2013 symposium. […]

PAMA Workshops

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I am happy to report that I will be presenting three workshops this summer at Performing Arts and Medicine Association (PAMA) Conferences. Martha Paterson,  OTR/L,CHT and I have been working together this year with two clients and finding ways to collaborate that have been very effective. I am also giving a general body mapping workshop for […]

Praise for The Bulletproof Musician

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Have you read Dr. Noa Kageyama’s The Bulletproof Musician? If not, it is well worth signing up for his regular blog post. He is known for his groundbreaking work on performance anxiety in musicians based in part on the work of Sports Psychologist Dr. Don Greene, and his musical background as a violinist. I had […]

Recent Body Mapping Workshop for Flutists

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I gave a workshop called Body Mapping for Flutists: Balance, Movement and Breathing on Sunday, Nov. 17 and a follow-up on Sunday, Dec. 1. What I loved about teaching the class was the curiosity of each individual flutist and willingness to try new things out. Body Mapping invites us to look at how we perceive […]

Welcome to my website!

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Welcome to my website! I’m very happy to launch this new website which has many nice features. You can click on one of the six photos or images to find out more about me. You can check out the Blogs, Articles and Resources for current information. I will be updating information often. Please feel free […]